Being Happy VS. Being Content

Being Happy VS. Being Content

Accomplish Happiness


Being content and being happy, in my eyes, are two completely different things. However, many times contentment and happiness get mixed up, probably because the two are very related, yet very different. I don’t think you can truly be happy if you are not, in some way, content. Yet, if you are only content, you may never live up to be the person you wish to be, and therefore be unhappy (Happiness is a very confusing thing sometimes, isn’t it?) Sometimes people feel that in order to be happy you need to be content with what you have or who you are. In a way, that’s very true. But it doesn’t have to be completely true.

I define myself as a perfectionist. I could never be content with anything about myself or anything that I own. I feel there’s always something that can be improved on. If I’m painting, I’m never completely satisfied with the outcome because I feel that it could somehow be better. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, I too feel that “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” I feel the same way about almost everything in regards to the person I am. Does that mean I’m unhappy with myself? No, because I understand that I can continue to keep improving. We as humans, after all, are just works in progress.  There’s always something that can be fixed or improved upon and it is only when we choose to “abandon” our quest of bettering ourselves that we learn to be content with who we are. But should we? Well that’s up to you. Different people have different ideas of Happiness. And, after all, these are just my own.

So in order to be Happy, do we really need to be content? I would personally dislike the thought of “forget everything, this is who I am. If you like it good, if you don’t too bad.” I would just prefer to continue working towards bettering myself. In my case, then, I would find unhappiness in thinking “I’m not good enough”, or believing that maybe I may never be the person I really want to be. This could hold true for anything else (of course these are just examples, as anything we set our hearts to can be accomplished if we really try. Also Read: You are LIMITLESS!)

I don’t think being content is a bad thing. It all just depends on the person. If you find it works for you, then that’s okay. I do think, though, that if you are content with yourself or your life, you should still find ways to create  a better life for yourself and those you care for. But only if you wish to because like I said, it’s all up to the person.

In short, being content means being satisfied with someone or something. You can be content even when all seems to be going terribly wrong because you’re satisfied with your state of being. You’re okay with it but hope that things would be better. Being Happy is the emotion we feel when things are going the way we want them to because we’re making them go that way. Where contentment is sort of just “going with the flow”, happiness is the emotion we feel when we finally row ourselves to our destination. I believe it’s easier to be content with something than it is to be happy. Of course, anything we want is not outside of our reach.

So what do you prefer? Happiness or contentment? Perhaps a little bit of both is also possible? I’d love to know. Feel free to leave a comment. But until next time,

With Much Love,

Stuck In a Bubble

I strive for perfection because it is who I am. I don’t prefer contentment but sometimes I just feel
“Stuck In a Bubble”.
A Doodle by Alexis Campos

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